What is Data Science and Why Should You Pursue a Career in it?

What is Data Science?

Data science deals with big data and machine learning. Data science is a discipline that uses scientific principles, techniques, and methodologies to extract meaningful insights and business analytics from a variety of structured and unstructured information. Here is the workflow of data science:


Benefits of Data Science

The following are some eye-popping advantages of data science:

  • The most profitable job of the century
  • Improve business predictions
  • Business intelligence
  • Increases information security
  • Complex data interpretation
  • Attractive salary package
  • As a Data Scientist, you can take on a variety of responsibilities.

Each day, it becomes clearer that data processing and analysis have tremendous value; this is where a Data Scientist comes into play. Have a look at how a Data Scientist’s role adds value to your organization.

Data Science Job Outlook (Job and Salary)

The Bureau of Labor Statistics report says that there will be a 27.9% increase in job opportunities through 2026 due to the growing demand for data science skills. Here are some interesting figures of data science employment and salary:

  • According to CrowdFlower, 50% of Data Scientists said they are “delighted” with their job positions, and 90% said they are satisfied with their work. Also, employers contact 30% of Data Scientists multiple times per week for new job opportunities, 50% once per week, and 90% once per month, according to the CrowdFlower survey.
  • A Data Science Engineer’s salary ranges from $65k to $153k per year.
  • According to a survey conducted by Analytics Insight, data science will create 3,037,809 new job openings by the end of 2021.
  • Because of severe talent shortages, over 60% of companies believe it is challenging to fill data science roles.

According to the ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary for an entry-level Data Scientist is $69,000. A Data Scientist with little experience earns $89,000 per year, while a Data Scientist with extensive experience earns $1628,000 per year.

Data Science with InfosecTrain

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