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Are you planning to ask the woman you love to marry you? A lot of things are probably in your head right not and one of them is to find the perfect ring that will impress the love of your life. Looking for engagement rings in Melbourne is probably exhausting but don’t worry, we will help you find the ring that will definitely stand out.

An engagement ring holds the sacred promise of everlasting love. As someone who is proposing their love, it is important that you give the best engagement ring you can find. But apart from thinking about an impressive, you should always take into consideration the sort of rin your girlfriend will prefer.

Here’s a list of engagement rings that are meant to impress anyone:

Best Engagement Rings in Melbourne

Oval Engagement Rings
Does she admire classic beauty? Oval cut engagement rings are perfect. These elliptical shape rings can give the impression that it has a larger stone than most shapes. It also exudes brilliance that enhances any band it is put in. An oval cut ring can look good in yellow gold and rose gold. This is a perfect choice for classical beauty lovers.

Cushion Diamond Rings
One of the uniquely diamond cut rings, this is a fusion of round and princess cuts shapes. A cushion cut diamond ring can be made in solitaire sequences, three stone sequences, etc. Whatever sequence it was designed, this type of ring looks regal. White gold and platinum metals can look perfect on this type of ring cut.

Pear Shaped Diamond Ring
Pear-shaped diamond ring, also known as teardrop diamond ring, is named for its distinct shape that features both rounded and pointed end. Its unique shape gives it an elegant and elongated appearance. This tiny, delicate design is often admired by most women. This type of diamond ring generally looks brighter when made in yellow gold.

Round Engagement Rings
The most popular cut of engagement ring, this is usually the first choice of any bride-to-be. A classic round engagement ring can impress any woman. Diligently cut to enhance its brilliance, round diamond rings can be worn in different patterns such as halo rings, side stone rings, and solitaire rings. This can be made perfectly using any type of gold.

Marquise Engagement Ring
One of the classic and historic ring cut, Marquise engagement rings surely captures the heart of any woman that sees this ring. Its diamond shape complements any finger by adding a feminine touch to it. If you are looking for vintage engagement rings design, this one is what you are looking for. This cut can make any modern designed ring look classic.

Asscher Cut Engagement Ring
Impressing your girlfriend with this cut of a ring will be easy as Asscher cut engagement ring reveals the clarity of a diamond. This looks best on a solitaire style or even a three-stone ring pattern. It looks like an emerald cut ring but in a square shape, with trimmed corners. For a more enchanting look, partner this cut with platinum or white gold.

Princess Cut Engagement Ring
Princess cut engagement ring is one of the favorite ring types of most women. Its square-shaped diamond gives off a dazzling shine that will catch any attention and will definitely impress your bride-to-be. The solitaire setting might seem like the perfect one but a splendid side stone one can also surely highlight this cut. Yellow or white gold can be used to make this impressive engagement ring.

White Gold Rings
White gold rings are slightly shinier and can sometimes cost less compared to other metals. It also has great durability and can protect your chosen stone for long. Its serene glow can impress any lady. This ring also looks best on those who are fascinated with vintage engagement rings as it can give off a classic vibe.

Yellow Gold Rings
Does your girlfriend adore sparkles? Then get her a yellow gold ring to impress her. It might not be as popular as white gold rings but it still is one of the timeless engagement rings. If your girlfriend has an old soul, she would be swayed with a gold engagement ring whichever stone cut you add on it.

Rose Gold Rings
This ring is probably the trendiest among all types, rose gold rings can add a feminine touch to any finger it will grace. You can choose rose gold rings that are carved with floral patterns to leave your girlfriend on awe because of its unique design. Vintage Engagement Rings with halo design can make anyone turn their heads as it is just simply magnificent.

Whatever ring type you choose, the most important you should remember is that it will symbolize your never-ending love and affection towards your partner.

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