What are the road conditions in Thailand you should know?

Do you need to travel outside of Bangkok soon? Or do you want to pursue your road trip dream in Thailand too? The road in Bangkok is pretty good as it is in the capital city, but outside of Bangkok especially on the way to many nature places or rural areas, the road condition is a bit of a concern. In this article, we will talk about what are the bad conditions of the roads in Thailand that you should know to make your drive in Thailand smooth and worry free.

Rocks or trees falling down to the roads or cars

There are many parts of Thailand where the roads pass through hills and those hills mostly contain trees and rocks. Most of them do not have any barriers to protect the roads from rocks or trees falling down, so driving through these kinds of roads, you should be extra careful and driving slowly is a must.

Steep roads

If you want to visit top of the hills where there are many viewpoints and camping sites of the national parks situated. The roads are pretty steep and some are still not paved properly yet. So, you need four wheels and big cars to drive on these roads only, otherwise your cars may won’t make it to the top and also cause problems for other cars that follow you too.

Sometimes, you also need to open the window to check the smell of the brake if it is burning or not and if this happens, you should find a place to park your car on the side and call the hotline for help.

Bumpy roads

There are many roads that are not maintained well and end up as bumpy roads which can make your tires go bad easily and be a risk to have small pieces of rocks scratching the cars easily too.

Narrow roads

There are also many narrow roads in Thailand and sometimes do not even have proper road shoulders to protect the car from falling out of these hills. Thus, driving your car in this kind of area is pretty dangerous and you need to calm down while driving as you should not drive too fast and take over the other cars too often.

Road lines disappeared

Another poor condition is that road lines have disappeared so it is hard to drive in the right lane without these separate lines especially in the dark as some areas especially in the rural areas, there are not always lights on the side of the road.

No matter what kind of poor condition of the road including rocks or trees falling down to the roads or cars, steep roads, bumpy roads, narrow roads and road lines disappeared, all can cause accidents easily either from yourself or your car. Having car insurance in Thailand is a must for all the car owners as road conditions are pretty poor and require you to have car insurance in Thailand for the safety of your car and yourself as well.

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