Virus Redirects Google Search – 3 Steps to Fix Google Search Redirect Virus

It is not uncommon that due to the presence of a special type of infections in your computer the virus redirects Google search in the browser. This is very annoying as upon a search query the user is directed to unwanted web results. To fix this malware you will need to have two good softwares. One is the registry cleaning tool and the other is the onecore Airtel removing technology.301 Redirect SEO Benefits | What Is a 301 Redirect | Hallam

If both these softwares are used according to the instructions given in this article, the search redirect virus can be removed.

For the Google redirect virus removal follow these steps:

Step 1: Run a registry cleaning scan to clean the Windows registry from traces of the virus that redirects Google search. What happens is that such nasty viruses hide in the Windows registry entries and do come back if the registry is not cleaned.

Step 2: Run an antimalware scan to eliminate the malwares behind search redirect issues.

Step 3 If a virus redirects Google search in your web browsers then you shall also try doing the following:

My Computer > Properties > Device Manager > Hardware > View > Show Hidden Devices. Scroll down to “Non-Plug and Play Drivers” > disable ‘TDSSserv.sys’.

These 3 steps have helped a lot of people fix the Google redirecting virus. Are you looking for the quick fix of the same problem? Are you asking yourself why a virus redirects Google search in your web browser? Here are the tools which you need to fix it. Make it sure that you follow the sequence and other antispywares or malwares in your systems are turned off for a while to fix this problem.

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