TOP 5 Gran Canaria Outdoor Activities and Tours

One of the major characteristics of Gran Canaria that makes it excellent tourist destinations is that the city enjoys a brilliant year-round climate with an impressive 300 days of sunshine and mild winter temperature. This special characteristic makes it an ideal place for a winter sun getaway for families, private travelers, and lots more. Given its variety of unique landscapes, you should be sure to have a multitude of great outdoor adventures including bungee jumping, coasteering, stargazing, diving, and lots more but these 5 Outdoor Activities and Tours are not to be missed for any reason.

  1. Hiking Ruta de Las Presas
    This amazing hiking trail passes through Nublo Rural Park and Pilancones Natural Park is one of its kind in the whole of Gran Canaria. It is situated on the west coast of the city and participating in its hiking takes you from La Aldea de San Nicola to Artenara, passing through the beauty of Presa del Paralelo and Presa de la Candelaria. Trust us, this is the closest you’ll get to the lakes on the island, and you will be exposed to some great photographic opportunities. Side attractions you shouldn’t miss exploring are the traditional cave houses along the path which clearly indicates a bygone era of Gran Canaria.


  1. Scuba Diving

Since Gran Canaria experiences great weather all year round with over 300 days of sunshine and little rain, it makes it a perfect place to go scuba diving. Taking a look below the surface will expose you to an entirely different world as there is no shortage of marine life to observe including fish, rays, lobsters and small sharks. One of the greatest places to do this is Pasito Blanco because it is a place with rocky ledges around a plateau hosting multitudes of sea creatures. Be ready to see more!!!


  1. Windsurfing

Another fun-filled activity for you! Yes, Windsurfing. Have you ever tried it? This is more sailing than traditional surfing, the board uses the power of the wind to propel you across the water – isn’t that a great way to have fun? Windsurfers can testify that Gran Canaria is a beautiful place to add a little adventure to your getaway and the benefit of several microclimates and varying landscapes makes it a beautiful region for beginners.


  1. Let’s Go Kayaking

Have you ever tried to experience the landscapes of Gran Canaria from the sea by kayak before? Well, many have tried and they keep coming back to try it again. Thanks to the abundance of coves and grottos around the coast of Mogan, Maspalomas and Arguineguin, they all contributed to the popularity of the southern part of the Island when it comes to kayaking. Some kayak tours also include snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing and relaxing at some beaches before hopping on the boat again to continue the adventure.


  1. A Fishing Excursion

Far away from the crowd, fishing excursions are popular in Gran Canaria. They will give you a chance to attempt some of the most challenging catches from tuna to mahi-mahi as there are a variety of species to look out for. With the city having a great climate, fishing is available throughout the year, including winter and autumn which offer snapper, sea bass and mackerel. While going on this amazing outdoor activity, don’t leave behind your camera.

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