Making the Most From the Dating Game – Tips For the Modern Man – Attract the Woman You Want


Are you ready to attract the woman you really want? The next time you meet a woman you are attracted to, will you be ready? Perhaps you have already met her, but have not had the confidence to approach her for a date.

Dating for the modern man of today is not a simple as it used to be in generations past. Then, you met the girl next door, went “steady”, got married and lived happily ever after (casas ).

Today, both women and men stay in the dating game for a much longer period with a lot more partners, and often have success in other areas of their lives such as careers and education. Men especially, find it increasingly harder to approach the confident and successful modern woman.

Let’s face it – every great relationship begins with the first approach, with a single date. Whether you simply want to enjoy the dating game, or hope to meet “Miss Right” to spend the rest of your life with, it all begins with that first contact, first word, first impression that leads to a first date. And guys, as you know, that’s where a lot of men lose confidence and stumble.

Most men like to think that they are perfectly capable of approaching a woman, but in reality, many of us know that there’s room for improvement. I mean, it’s only a first contact, a few words…simple, right? Unfortunately, the following scenario is more than comfortably familiar to a lot of men.

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