Easy Pattern Regarding Filet Crochet Potsupport


This filet crochet potholder is an outstanding project for someone who is just studying this new skill. In this technique the shapes in the patterning are shaped by strong and open squares shaped by blocks and areas. This type of crochet is constantly labored in straight rows.

The blocks are formed by double crochet and the spaces by chains, each place divided from the subsequent one by one double crochet.

How to make areas (sp) for this potholders pattern:

1 room = one chain, 1 double crochet (1ch, 1dc)

Areas are the open up mesh in the crochet lace sample. Make one double crochet (dc), 1 chain (1ch), skip a single stitch from the earlier row and make a single much more double crochet sew.

How to make blocks (blk) for this potholder pattern:

one block = two double crochet

Blocks are the crammed mesh areas in the filet lace sample. When a block is produced in excess of an open up mesh space then one particular double crochet need to be place right into the space in excess of the chain sew. When blocks are touching every other, there are a few double crochet stitches in the first block and two in every single consecutive block.

What you will need to have:

two balls of fifty grams 4 PLY crochet cotton. We used 2 various colours for this pattern (white and blue). Hereafter known as color 1 and colour 2.
one crochet hook no. 2

Crochet recommendations:

This filet crochet potholder pattern is effortless to follow from the chart that has open areas and black blocks. Stick to the directions earlier mentioned about how to make crochet spaces and blocks.


Chain stitch ch

Double crochet dc

One crochet sc

Slip sew sl st

Commence with a basis chain of 42ch + 4ch (in color 1)

Row one: Insert hook in 6th chain from the end, crochet 1dc, * 1ch, 1dc*, repeat *pattern till the end of the row. (You need to have 21 areas).

Row 2: 4ch, *7dc in every single up coming stitch of prior row, 1ch*, repeat* 4x, 1dc.

Row 3 + four: as row two.

Row 5: 4ch, 1dc, *1ch, 1dc*, repeat until finally end of row.

Repeat rows 2, 3, 4 and five four occasions.

After completed the pattern forged off.

Make this pattern 4 instances – two times in color one and two times in color two. Every potholder is crochet twice. The double layer can make it far more warmth resistant and stops burning your fingers.

How to crochet the border:

For the potholder in colour one, use color two for the border and of system for the potholder in color 2, use colour one for the border.
Set the two sides on best of each other. Make confident the sample matches.
Then crochet graficos de croche para iniciantes in the third place from a corner, 1ch, 1sc, 1ch repeat right up until all 4 sides are completed, near this row with a slip stitch.
Subsequent row, make 1sc in excess of following ch of prior row, 2ch, skip sc prior row, 1sc, 2ch repeat until finally all four sides are completed, shut row with a slip sew.

Now crochet a hanging loop:

Without having casting off make a chain of 15ch, be part of with 1sc round the corner (identical distance as the other side). Switch work and crochet 20sc above chain. End with a sl st and forged off.

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