You’ll Never Use Cotton Swabs to Clean Inside of Your Ears Again After Reading This!

You’ll Never Use Cotton Swabs to Clean Inside of Your Ears Again After Reading This!

At some point you must have used cotton swab to clean inside of your ear. If you think cleaning ear with the help of cotton swab is safe then you are far away from the reality. It is not only a bad habit, but also will damage skin inside the ear. You use a cotton swab to clean wax, but actually what you are doing is moving a stick inside the ear.


You should have washed your ear from outside, but what to do for cleaning inside? The question may lead to use of cotton swabs. Some people even start use of pencils, pens, car keys, and all sort of things when they don’t have swab in hand.

Reasons to avoid Using Cotton swabs

There are various reasons for which you should avoid using cotton swabs. Below you will find 12 top reasons that will surely convince you to stop using cotton swabs.

  • As yahoo health mentioned in February, 2015 that cotton swabs aren’t good for your ear. Swab is just a piece of stick that you put inside your ear and move around. Yahoo reported that using swab may lead to ear damage and similar problems.
  • You should know that your ears clean themselves. When we put cotton swab inside ear, we transfer germs through that cotton in our ear. This may lead to infection and disease.
  • Our ear clean wax by itself, and when we use cotton swab, we push some of the wax back inside. If the wax stay inside for long, it may cause drum infection.
  • Your ear drum is a thin layer that can be damaged or pierced by rubbing cotton deep inside. A short term problem may be infection, but long term problem can be loss of hearing permanently.
  • According to a report published in Telegraph, more than 7000 people attend hospital because of ear injuries caused by using cotton swabs.
  • Regular use of cotton swabs may cause skin irritation, infection, or a major injury including hearing loss.
  • If your drum is pierced once, you may not hear well from one or both the ears. It can reduce your confidence level.
  • According to the department of otolaryngology, we should not clean deep. The only part that should be cleaned is outer mouth of ear, anything besides that is unnecessary. The lubricant/Wax that we clean using Cotton swab is a protective material that keep away infection.
  • When you rub Cotton swab inside, it may scratch the skin. When this scratch is covered by wax and cotton germs, it cause infection.
  • Even if you remove ear wax successfully, you leave your ear dry. Your dry ear may come across infection faster as compare to with wax. All you need to do is clean what is at the mouth of ear, and leave rest inside because Earwax will eventually come out.
  • One thing you should know, bacteria thrives on places having low Ph level. Our earwax has high level of Ph, but in case you clean it with cotton swabs, you allow bacteria to thrive inside your ear.
  • According to sound wave earing center, many people think that our ear drum is far away, but this is not the case. Our earn drum is closer than it looks, so piecing is possible if you use cotton Swab often.

These were 12 reasons that you should remember before inserting cotton swab inside the ear. At some point people think that they are cleaning the ear, but this is not the case. Most people clean ear just because it feels good. If you are one of the people who are obsessed with cotton swab then you should stop using before things are out of hand.