You Won’t Lose vision if You Do These Eye Exercises Regularly

You Won’t Lose vision if You Do These Eye Exercises Regularly

People may think that it’s natural for our eyes to decline in vision with age, but this is not the case. With regular exercise and proper care your eyes can never lose their vision. Even if you had problems in past and your eyesight is not same anymore, you can use these movements that can give you an edge by removing any possible eye related health risk you had.

6 Muscle movements that control eyes

  • Your eyes move outward because of lateral rectus
  • Inward movement is because of medial rectus
  • Upward movement is because of superior rectus
  • Downward movement is because of inferior rectus
  • Rotation towards nose is because of superior oblique
  • Moving away from nose is because of inferior oblique

If you are required to sit near computer for hours then your eyes may start to brunt. One of the main reason for chronic eyestrain is time spend near electronic devices. The reason for your eyes to have blur vision is not because of brightness, it’s because of movement and blood flow. When you are on computer, your eyes constantly move, and this cause problems for you.

Exercise to set your eyes back on the track

  • You need to look far away at the right side for 5 seconds and then to your left for 5 seconds. Repeat this exercise several times per day.
  • Look as far as you can, then look down for 5 seconds. Again repeat this eye exercise several times to relax muscles.
  • Roll eyes in circle, both clock and anticlockwise. You will need to rest for a second and then repeat process. You need to roll your one eye for 3 seconds
  • Hold a pen in front and focus on an object far away for 5 seconds. Make sure the object is far away because it is much better for you. You need to go outside in case you work in a small room or office. Repeat this process for couple of times per day.

When you exercise, make sure you have carried out with eyes, not neck or head. Make sure to exercise your eyes regularly so that you can have a healthy eyesight without any vision decline. Many experts who work on computer, practice this to keep their eye vision as good as possible. Don’t through up your eye vision just because you have a computer related job or work.