Why You Should Never Use Hand Sanitizer [Video]

Why You Should Never Use Hand Sanitizer [Video]

Hand Sanitizer is an easy and quick method to clean hand if you don’t have access to water or soap. You should use it when you don’t have any other choice because as describe by Dnews, it is not good for your skin.

It can increase amount of BPA (Bisephenol A) in your skin and that may cause skin and health issue in future. BPA is basically a chemical that is used in production of most of the sanitizers. This chemical can cause heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and many other problems.

The research discussed by Dnews indicates that sanitizers increase risk of getting BPA up to 100%. This BPA is always on your hand, and whenever you eat food, it goes inside the body and put your health at risk.

This BPA is the cause of many disease in adults, and increases the risk of abnormalities in children. Triclosan is another chemical used in Hand sanitizer that can kill good bacteria from the skin.

The best thing for you to do is stop using Hand sanitizers until there is an alternative available. Avoid using it especially before eating.

In this video from DNews, host Tara briefly explains why you should stop using hand sanitizer right away.