What Your Overall Fingernail Appearance Can Say About Your Health

What Your Overall Fingernail Appearance Can Say About Your Health

Apart from the skin, fingernail can provide clues about the over-all health of an individual. The color, irregularity, stains and thickness of the fingernails can serve as a warning that there might be a serious health problem arising.

Nail Color

Healthy nails should be pink with a white crescent of the nail root.

However, there are some instances wherein a person’s nail color is different and the moment you see such, you’ll have an idea of what he/she might actually be suffering of.

  1. Yellow nails often indicate Respiratory diseases.
  2. While the Red lines on the nails are a sign of a problem with the heart.
  3. Bluish and sometimes Purplish Nails can indicate that you lack oxygen in the blood.
  4. Pail pinkish white nails are a sign that you are lacking nutrients particularly iron.
  5. White nails warn you that you may have a problem with the liver

Nail Thickness

Thick nails are neither natural nor common. If you nail is abnormally thick, it may be associated with lung problems due to poor circulation poor circulation .Thick nails with furrows on the other hand, can occur as a result of a fungal infection, and a cracked nail, separated in the mid, can be a sign of problems with the thyroid gland or zinc insufficiency.

1.Cracked nails

Cracked nails and their regular cracking are due to deficiency of folic acid, vitamin C and protein. Psoriasis one the other hand, involves scaly patches on the skin and fingernails.

2.Curved Nails

A curved nail which creates a shape similar to a spoon and are thinner, may be a sign of iron deficiency or can be a sign of a heart disease.

3.Furrows on the nails

This can indicate that a person is suffering from psoriasis or a disease which causes hair loss.