Vitamin B17: The Greatest Cover-Up In The History Of Cancer

Vitamin B17: The Greatest Cover-Up In The History Of Cancer

As vitamin 17 is forbidden by the FDA, you probably never heard of it before.

Apricot seed is said to be the best source of concentrated B17 vitamins. It’s a fruit that is not given much of a credit. The seed is found in the middle of apricot pit.

Laetrile B17 vitamin is an anti-cancer component, also called as amygdalin.

So, if it is that helpful in preventing cancer, what’s the reason behind its ban? And why is it not prescribed by Physicians? These questions are answered by G. Edward Griffin, he says that a cancer cure is well known and that is not anywhere else than in nature itself. But it is not advertised because it can’t be patented. The reason is pharmaceutical industry doesn’t find it attractive.

Vitamin B17’s main components, glucose and cyanide, are responsible for curing cancerous properties. The benzaldehyde from cyanide and glucose work together as a toxin that aims at cancerous cells. Many medical specialists say B17 is toxic, but that’s just a myth.

Here’s the Concealment

Although it was disapproved by FDA, doctors, John A. Richardson M.D. being one of them, are still using it secretly to treat patients in their clinics.They were giving better results than modern medical, but FDA consider Laetrile an illegal form of treatment. They considered it unapproved practice so the trade of Laetrile is also banned in the States. However, amygdalin (B12) supplements are still available.

Furious by FDA’s cover-up for B17, Sloan-Kettering carried out a study of five years in the favor of B17’s anti-cancer benefits, and concluded that:

  • The physical health of a cancer patient was greatly improved.
  • B17 was a perfect preventative for cancer.
  • Cancer spreading was stopped in mice.
  • Tumors growth was also stopped by Laetrile.

Clinical successes of B17 were extremely inspiring, however, nothing can compare to watching real life people fight against this deadly disease and get cured.

Be vigilant in Fight against Cancer

Exercising little and engaging in poor bodily selections are the paramount cause of cancer. Although, it is seen in few cases that no matter much you exercise, the deadly disease will chase and find you. But don’t take it as an excuse to stop exercising and making healthy choices. There are plenty of foods, beside B17, that help us in our fight against cancer. Aloe gel and juice, sumac, edible mushrooms, Swiss chard, turmeric, wheatgrass, chili peppers, raw fruits and vegetables, black seed (commonly known as Nigella sativa), chia and flax seeds are among the top most.

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