These 24 Ailments Can Be Treated by Using This Castor Oil-Baking Soda Mixture!

These 24 Ailments Can Be Treated by Using This Castor Oil-Baking Soda Mixture!

Castor oil is made from the seeds of a plant, which grows wild in wastelands across tropical regions. Nowadays, this plant is being cultivated in all parts of the world.

The oil has become popular as a result of excellent medicinal properties. In addition, castor oil packs have been used in the treatment of a great number of conditions.

Moreover, castor oil is believed to offer beneficial effects on the treatment of certain ailments when conventional medication is ineffective. The oil can improve circulation and therefore it is used as a coating.

How to Make Castor Oil Coating:
You can prepare it by using a bottle of warm water, a clean gauze, a towel, plastic foil, and cold pressed castor oil.

Start by cleaning the affected area before applying the oil. Namely, use a mixture of some water and baking soda to clean the affected area. Then, pour the oil in an pot and heat it. Afterwards, place the gauze in it and let it soak. You should apply it on the skin.

Use the plastic foil to cover it and then put the bottle of warm water on top. Next, wrap it by using the towel and let it act for about 60 minutes.

The same procedure should be repeated for 40 days. Furthermore, the coating should be changed when you notice has a different smell or color.

Additionally, Dr. William A. McGarey points out that castor oil helps in cases of the following health issues:

It can accelerate the healing process of cuts, bruises, and burns.
Place castor oil coating on an injured ankle to speed up the healing.
Prevent and lower the appearance of stretch marks by massaging some castor oil on the stomach.
Mix some castor oil and baking soda and apply it on your face to get rid of any dark spots.
You can help in the treatment of cataract by pouring 1 drop of the oil in your eyes before bedtime.
Apply a castor oil coating on your neck to treat vocal cord nodules and chronic coarseness.
Use the oil to remove pilonidal cysts.
By applying some of the oil on your eyelids before bedtime you can cure your eye allergies.
Consume 5 drops of the oil on a daily basis to reduce allergy symptoms.
Lower your alcohol and nicotine cravings by taking 2-3 drops of the oil daily.
Your hair will start growing quickly in case you massage it with castor oil on a daily basis.
Put a couple of drops of the oil in your ear to enhance hearing.
Castor oil coating provides pain relief if applied on the aching back.
By taking 6-8 drops of it within a period of 4 months, you can fight tinnitus.
Reduce diarrhea symptoms by applying castor oil coating on the stomach.
Apply castor oil coating on your feet every day to fight fungal infections, including Athlete’s foot.
You can get rid of warts by rubbing them with castor oil over 1-month period.
Lower the deposits of calcium by massaging your soles with the oil.
Apply some of the oil directly on your moles to eliminate them. Repeat the process for 30 days.
Apply castor oil soakings on your stomach to treat hyperactivity.
Castor oil is among the most effective natural remedies against hepatitis.
You can also get rid of annoying snoring by applying castor oil coatings on your stomach for 15 days.
Mix some castor oil and baking soda to fight cancer.
Decrease bug bite-induced itching and swelling by applying some of the oil on the affected area