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This is How to Eat Right for Your Blood Type

Do you think knowing your blood type is only important in the event of a transfusion? Think again! Research indicates that your blood type is a key genetic factor that influences many areas of health and well-being. Throughout your life, you’ve probably observed that some people tend to lose weight more easily, while for others, […]

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How Stress Can Damage Your Skin

We all know the effects of stress on our health. But did you know that stress can also affect our skin? Read on below to find out the effects of stress on our skin and complexion. 1. Wrinkles Being in a stressful state makes you produce the hormone cortisol which is responsible for high blood […]

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10 Ways to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

Lowering blood pressure without resorting to drugs and medications is quite easier than you think. Changes in lifestyle, diet and even bad habits can be a great help. There are natural ways to keep blood pressure down and some of these are listed below: 1. Quit Smoking We all know the effects of smoking to […]

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Tooth Brushing Is Not Only For Your Teeth

There are instances wherein you neglect to brush your teeth. Sometimes you’re too tired from work or coming home from a night out, you just forget about it. When tooth infection occurs that’s when you remember the dentist. The required tooth brushing is thrice a day, but you can also do twice a day, one […]


Know the Best Workout for Your Body Shape

Find out the right exercise for your body shape. Let’s start by scrolling below: 1. Spoon/Pear shape body A full bodied bottom and slim abs and arms. With wider hips and thighs, narrower shoulders, wider bottom but smaller bust. Ideal Exercises:– Jumping jacks or jumping rope to make your heart pumping. – Push ups by […]

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What Type of Sleeper Are You?

We all need sleep because it plays an important role in our physical health and well-being. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the two types of sleepers – the early risers and the late risers. But researchers from the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences have added new categories to these. So let’s find […]

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Why You Should Grow Your Pubic Hair

To grow or not to grow? It is the most question that most of you probably asked yourselves. Most especially these days, when most of you are going bald or doing everything to remove your pubic hair. What use could pubic hair serves us? There have been theories to its existence and the purpose it […]

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Know This Anti-Aging Exercise You Should Try

What is this exercise that can keep you younger or slow the aging process? A recent 1-year study conducted by scientists from Taiwan had confirmed just that. Let’s find out all about it… A traditional sport and martial art called Tai Chi has been found to show anti-aging benefits. The scientists conducted a year-long study […]