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Not Everyone Has this Line on Their Palms – This is What it Means if You Have It!

Are you one of the few people that have a little curved line under the ring and middle finger? This little curved line sometimes forms an entire circle or two separate, smaller lines. It is often called love belt or Venus’s circle.

Before you get all disappointed because you don’t have this line on your palm, listen to this: people who have the line are prone to love problems and are very sensitive. If the circle is closed it means that the person having it will experience a great love disappointment.

So, if you are one of the “lucky” people to have this circle you should not consider the relationship disappointments as fatal things but as mere lessons. If the curved line creates a semi circle that means that the person will experience difficulties in their love life, in certain period in their lifetime, but he/she will overcome them successfully and move on.

If you have two or more semi circled lines, one below another, that means that you are sensitive and very emotional.