Natural Treatment For Breast Cysts

Natural Treatment For Breast Cysts

Brest cysts are an infection that irritate lots of woman, particularly the middle age ones. Most of the cysts are benign, but they can be painful and uncomfortable. This disease is very regular and specialist almost always it can be result of the stressful life we lead. Woman with cysts should not drink alcohol and caffeine. Also they need to regulate digestion and get enough vitamins. It is very important to eat cabbage and broccoli and take a lot of vitamin D supplements. Breast cysts are mostly harmless, many doctors don’t recommend removal. So lots of woman are trying to remove cysts on natural way.

These herb can help you in removing breast cysts naturally:

Mixed tea

In identical portions mix mint, elderberries, mistletoe, calendula and yarrow, and cook them as usual. All of this plants are affecting the immune system and reduce irritation and tumor growth. You can add Alchemilla Vulgaris to the mixture. This plant cures all woman disease. This is very slow and extremely effective therapy. You should drink one liter daily of this drink, and to consume light food. You will have to remove dairy products and alcoholic from your diet. In order to calm your body you should tahe drops of mistletoe, sage, yarrow and lemon balm.


This is one of the most amazing plant. It has been used as cure for a lots of diseases. This mixture made from houseleek is recommended for breasts cysts, and also ovaries and kidney cysts.

Take 300 gr houseleek leaves, wash and blend into the blender. Then put 300 grams of honey, we recommender chestnut honey. Stir the mixture well and put in in a jar. It should be kept in the fright for 7 days. You should mix it from time to time. After a week, take one teaspoon of this mixture every day, three times a day. Take the first spoon on an empty stomach in the morning, the second spoon between the meals during the day, and the third spoon before going to bad. Do this procedure for several weeks. This remedy helps a lot of women.

Wheat juice

Squeeze the juice from fresh green wheat leaves. Freeze the juice in the ice cube containers. Put one cube from the frozen juice into a glass of water. Leave it to melt, and drink it. It is best if it is taken in the morning. This remedy should be drunk for 72 days. Because of this you should have 72 cubes. Because of the vitamins, amino acids and minerals found in wheat it can melt the cysts.  Also it ca be really helpful against kidney and ovary cysts, and for lot of other organs.

Breast Cream

You can make breast cream with calendula, lavender, cypress, roses, propolis and little Klamath weed or mint. Those who are allergic to propolis can remove him out of the cream. You should massage your breast with this cream once a day. Start from the lower part of the breast and move to the armpit. You will clean your breast from toxins. Woman under stress can improve the therapy with valerian base drops.