Is Alkaline Water Actually Good For You?

Is Alkaline Water Actually Good For You?

Many are wondering what the scoop is on alkaline water, whether it’s something to invest into or not, and what sort of benefits can be had from drinking it. There is a lot of contradictory information out there, so it can be quite confusing and it’s hard to know who to listen to. What you really need to look for is some scientific evidence behind all of the claims being made.

First, there is a difference between alkaline water and alkaline ionized water.

Alkaline water is any water that has a pH above 7. Spring water is generally alkaline because it has more minerals than tap water and tap water can be made alkaline by adding some baking soda. Other than possibly helping to reduce heartburn, there aren’t any proven health benefits to alkaline water.

Alkaline ionized water on the other hand is created in a process of water electrolysis by water ionizers. It is very different than regular alkaline water and is where all the proven digestive health benefits are found between the two.

The two terms are often used interchangeably, which is a source of much confusion for the consumer.

So, what are the digestive health benefits and why?

Alkaline ionized water has a negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential), which means it is high in antioxidants. This will help keep free radicals in check and help your body fight a number of illnesses, as well as keep your whole system clean.

Because it has a negative ORP, alkaline ionized water is also highly beneficial for the good bacteria in your gut, but detrimental to the not-so-good bacteria in your gut. This is because the bad bacteria thrive on oxygen and a negative ORP reduces the amount of free oxygen roaming around your gut. Increasing good bacteria while reducing harmful bacteria in your gut will improve digestion, reduce symptomatic conditions, reduce autoimmune disease and may also improve mental health.

Alkaline ionized water triples the power of vitamin C, so squeezing the juice of an orange or lemon into your water will be a great immune system booster.

A few things to remember if you are considering giving alkaline ionized water a try:

  • Always consult a doctor when it comes to health conditions before you try to self-treat or self-medicate, especially if it is a condition you are already taking medication for.
  • Alkaline ionized water should always be consumed on an empty stomach, which means waiting for at least a half an hour after drinking it to eat food, or two hours after eating to drink more.
  • During meals, you should limit your intake of any kind of fluids so as not to dilute your digestive juices too much.