Important Alert! 70% of US Apple Juice Comes from China and It’s Full of Arsenic

Important Alert! 70% of US Apple Juice Comes from China and It’s Full of Arsenic

Have you ever wondered where the mouth-watering apple juice comes from? Chances are that it’s originating in no other place but China. There’s a good reason behind that claim! Almost 20 years ago, we had a sprawling apple ‘industry’ in the U.S. Things changed when China started producing more apples and cheaper apple juice from the country started flooding our markets.


And there’s solid proof that shows that most of the apple juice we are drinking is from China. Food & Water Watch reports that over 70% of the apple juice we consume is sourced from China. What’s more fascinating is that the Chinese government has recently announced that it is finding it difficult to enforce a new law for better food safety!

So are we drinking anything safe?

Dr. Oz set out on the mission and tested scores of apple juice samples in various cities across the country. He came to the conclusion that some of the most popular apple juice brands were tainted with arsenic!

Guess what the FDA has to say? It’s all safe! So have it at your own risk!

F&WW-Empire State-Paradigm Experiments

The St. Petersburg Times reported that the level of arsenic found through these experiments was far beyond those found in normal apple juice. The daily claimed 35 ppb of arsenic.

Mott’s has been selling apple juice since the middle of the 19th century. But the company has failed to make any comments on the high percentage of arsenic in its juice.

Even the FDA has not thought it worthwhile making a public expression about what it feels about the findings. Once the agency had raised concerns about arsenic levels cross 23 ppb, but now it has nothing to say about the Chinese apple juice that has higher level of the toxic metal.

China is able to ‘pump’ all its apple juice into the U.S. because is the largest producer of apple and because that juice is extremely cheap. And how do those apples taste? They are bitter and you could hardly eat them!

So how do they promote their apples for the American market? They pass them through a process and sell powdered apple. If you check the label, you will notice the term ‘apple juice concentrate’ or ‘apple juice’. But there will be no mention of the apple juice being sourced from concentrate sourced from China!

In a world where everything is ‘Made in China’, isn’t it a pity that even the so called natural and safe apple juice you are drinking comes from nowhere else but China! In the pursuit for cheaper (and unsafe) apple juice we have bid adieu to our lush green apple orchards and broke our own farmers’ back!