How Your Hair and Scalp Can Say About Your Health

How Your Hair and Scalp Can Say About Your Health

Your hair is produced by hair follicles which are located at the very last layer, deep into your skin. Dead protein and pigment are majorly what makes up the hair follicles. The body’s metabolism usually changes with the texture, thickness and quality of the hair. These are a few signs that your hair and scalp give that can tell how healthy you are.


1.Gray Hair

Generally, this type of hair doesn’t mean you are unhealthy and it’s quite natural as one ages. However, vitamin B-12 deficiency, anemia, vitiligo and thyroid problems can make the make begin to gray prematurely.

2.Limp/Dry Hair

Simple things that can make your hair dry include dyes, blowers, and chlorinated water in pools. But when the texture of your hair changes significantly, and feels finer, hypothyroidism could be the cause. Do not mistake falling out hair for thinning hair. Thinning is about the texture of each strand of hair and not about them feeling thinner because some of it has fallen off. If hypothyroidism is the cause of your thinning hair then you may also feel slow heart rate, frequent colds, weight gain, fatigue and thinning or falling out eye brows.

3.Short Top Layers

When new hair gets broken as they come through your hair, you have shorter layers on top. This might happen to you if you don’t take enough protein. This weakens your hair and makes it unable to adequately resist heat and chemicals.

4.Scaly Patches

When scaly patches appears on your scalp in the foem of thick crusts, then the culprit might be psoriasis. Although similar, this is different from other dandruff-like conditions as can be seen in the thickening surface that looks like a scab.

5.Receding Hair Line

This is common in older men but can also happen if you are not taken enough nutrients in your diet. When you crash diets, it can be reflected in your hair. Falling out air or lack of luster in hair are all signs that you are not so healthy and this may be as a result of insufficient diet nutrients. Another reason for a receding hair line, in women, is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. PCOS can cause a receding hair on the scalp of women even while they begin to grow more hair on their chests, arm, face and buttocks.

6.White Bumps

When tiny white bumps occur at hair root, this indicates a temporary hair loss and not baldness. This can be caused when some medications have interfered with hormones. Such medications include Accutane, anabolic steroids, prednisone and birth control pills.

7.Hair Loss:

Although, hair loss while combing or brushing your hair is quite normal, when you suddenly begin to lose more than 100 strands every day, then something might be wrong. The increased air loss may be observed after shampooing your hair or they may begin to come out in clumps. The cause could be psychological, like a job loss or a divorce. It could also be caused by fever, or an infection. Another cause is diabetes; this may cause your hair to begin to thin suddenly, it may also cause sudden hair loss. If this happens to you, then you should speak with your doctor because diabetes may have begun to affect your hormone levels.