How To Quickly Counteract Negative Energy and Strengthen Your Immune System

How To Quickly Counteract Negative Energy and Strengthen Your Immune System

There are some amazing spots on our body that we may not know so much about. One of such points is what some have referred to as the “point of luck” or the “wheel of fortune”. Unfortunately, most people are never aware of the location or the potentials of this specific point on our body. This point is the thymus; it is located on the upper part of our chest or mediastinum. The thymus gland is very important to the immune system and is most developed in our young ones. After puberty sets in, the thymus gland begins to convert into fat body.


Immune System and the Thymus Gland

Therefore, we cannot talk about strengthening the immune system without considering the thymus gland. This gland aids the development of the most vital defense corpuses T lymphocytes and also total immunity. Experts in biology and immune biology have already begun research into the recovery of thymus function by using stem cells. Now that it is evident that antibiotics and vaccines are not enough to give adequate immunity, we are looking up to these scientists for more effective treatment through further research on the thymus gland. Success would mean a longer and healthier life for us all.

How to Locate the Thymus

The thymus is located slightly above your breastbone. You can find it by using two fingers to pit the lower regions of your neck in the front.

Also called the “Wheel of fortune”, the thymus can help you cancel-out negative energy, strengthen your immunity and improve your overall health.

How to Engage the “Wheel of Fortune”

Gently tap, touch or massage any of these points to help raise your energy levels. You may be surprised at how effective it is.

Whenever there is an imbalance in the energy system, the thymus gland may be all you need to correct it. This gland can be describes as a link or a bridge that connects the brain to the body. Whenever, your brain stressed, the gland reduces which consequently causes a decrease in energy levels.

How to Use the “Point of Luck” to Cancel-out Negativity and Strengthen Immunity

You only need your hands to do this. But try not to hit hard against your chest in the process, gentle contact is all it takes. Simply rub, tap, and massage gently using your fingers for about 30 seconds. You can combine this with proper breathing and positive affirmations for best results.

What You Should Expect

This should activate your “point of happiness”. You may begin to feel some tingling that cause happiness and joy to ooze through your body. Be patient though as it may take some time to begin to observe these amazing feelings. So, continue to practice regularly until you begin to see positive results.

This is also very useful if you suffer from frequent panic attacks, serious stress or anxiety. Repeat the process as often as you can and you should begin to feel a general improvement in your health in no time.