How Being Gestational Diabetic During Pregnancy Can Affect Your Child

How Being Gestational Diabetic During Pregnancy Can Affect Your Child

If your body is unable to produce an appropriate amount of insulin you are most likely to develop diabetes. A pregnant woman is most likely to have a shorter supply of insulin. That usually leads to gestational diabetes.



If a woman with gestational diabetes cannot control her blood sugar levels, which leads to many complications. A very common side effect is her child turns out larger in size.

Once she goes through childbirth, the newborn might have a low blood sugar level. In that the kid needs to be monitored during his first days in the world. Other issues like preeclampsia and premature births might arise.

How Diabetes Can Affect Your Child’s Brain

There are many studies that show how diabetes can affect your child’s brain later in his life. Pregnant women who can’t control their blood sugar levels during their 9 months of pregnancy can leave a permanent effect on their child’s memory and that damage is irreversible.

A study that is ongoing for now is being conducted by the University of Minnesota shows that children born to mothers with diabetes have memory consistently issues. Researchers believe that is the product of the hippocampus damage that happens in the last trimester of pregnancy.

A new piece of information about moms-to-be with gestational diabetes usually give birth do children who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder; ASD. However this does not apply to every single case.

In addition to these pieces of information, women who can control their diabetes during pregnancy give birth to children who show A1 performance in school. Just like every other normal child. On the other hand women who can’t control their diabetes have kids who get low grades and show very poor performance at school.

If you take a good control over your diabetes while you are pregnant then you will most likely be faced with a normal delivery and childbirth timing. It is important that pregnant women have to be educated on the importance of these findings. Pregnant women who have a good insight about all this will go for the right method and follow a certain exercise and diet routine and ensure to keep their blood sugar levels normal.

While women who don’t have any idea about all this will probably suffer health problems and bring their kid into it as well.