Here’s How To Prevent Nasal Discharge In Five-Minute

Here’s How To Prevent Nasal Discharge In Five-Minute

Do you know that massaging certain key points on your face can be highly effective in speeding up the process of recovery? Are you suffering from frequent nasal discharge? Are you concerned about the side effects of conventional medications? It is time you followed this natural therapy which can prevent it within 5 minutes.


Follow these steps as recommended in ancient Chinese medicine to effectively prevent nasal discharge:

  • Line Eyebrows – Pull the line eyebrows to get the best results. The point is located right over the nose.
  • Two Points on Side of the Face – These two points are located symmetrically opposite to each other on the sides of your face at the outer tip of your eyebrows. This is the place where you can feel a slight but wide depression. Press these points at the same time to get relief. This is also the point where you press naturally using your thumbs when you have a headache.
  • Two Points at the Start of the Nose – These are 2 symmetrical points located at the start of the nose near the eyes. Massage these points together.
  • Two points on Both Sides of the Nose – These are symmetrically located on the two sides of the nasal opening, on the cheeks. Each point is just 1/2 cm from the nose on either side. Massage the two points simultaneously.