Find Out How a Vegan Diet Could Help With Diabetes Pain

Find Out How a Vegan Diet Could Help With Diabetes Pain

Dr. Nael Bernard lead a committee and came to the conclusion that low vegan diet and eating habits can establish reduction in discomfort caused by diabetes (type 2).


Peripheral diabetic neuropathy is what most of the type 2 diabetic patients develop. Body usually goes through turmoil which is fixated to numbness, pain and burning. This condition is likely present in all the extremities of a human body.

Incapacitating situation doesn’t have much room to get treated. Therefore, scientists endeavored to research in the same field. Glycemic control is mandatory in type 2 diabetes. This can be functioned flawlessly by the assistance of diet which is fully covered by plants. However, it has to have low fats. Low-fat plant diet also tapers down the effects of neuropathy signs.


How does a vegan diet help in curing type 2 diabetes? Scientists and people of related field studied 35 people. All of these were clinically diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and had diabetic neuropathy. 50 percent of the people were instructed to start having low fat vegan diet. This diet comprised of veggies, grains, fruits, legumes and some supplements of B12. These selected people were supposed to have low fat vegan diet for 20 weeks which equals to 80 days. It was not permissible for the participants to consume meat and their health was monitored time to time.

On the other hand, remaining diabetic patients with diabetic neuropathy were restricted to all what they normally eat. Their diet was not changed. However, they were put on B 12 supplements.


Surprisingly, those who were on low fat vegan diet lost tremendous amount of weight. The average rate which was recorded came to 15 pounds. Contrary to this, diabetic patients who continued with what they normally had and didn’t change their eating habits, lost weight too but not too much. On an average these were those who lost around one pound in 20 weeks.

Other characteristics told by former group of diabetic patients included freshness and significantly reduced intensity of pain. Nerve tests were also evident of it.

However, the research committee objected on the study. It suggested applying same study and research on a massive number of diabetic patients. Most importantly, the study also revealed that if patients change their eating habits and control themselves to non-animal products and oily products, health will get better and pain will be reduced to a considerate level.