E-Cigarettes are as Bad as Real Cigarettes so Quit Both by Using This Homemade Recipe

E-Cigarettes are as Bad as Real Cigarettes so Quit Both by Using This Homemade Recipe

If you have started to smoke E- Cigarettes that means you want to quit smoking. You might be thinking that you are safe by using electronics cigarettes, but they are not safe at all. Studies show that E-cigs have compounds such as benzopyrene, acetone, silicate, and formaldehyde. These compounds are used in nail polish removers and gel packs. You might be consuming these harmful toxins by using E-Cigarettes.

An international organization “German Cancer Research Center” has declared E-Cigs uncontrollable. When companies promote by saying electronic cigarettes are the alternates to smoking then they might be spreading a lie, because you get another trouble instead getting rid of it. When you smoke E-Cigs, harmful particles are transferred to your lungs and cause them to lose their natural strength. One thing is for sure, E-Cigs don’t produce same side effects that real cigarettes cause.

These electronic cigarettes have adverse effects as well. As compare to real cigarettes, these are environment friendly. It may look fun to use vapes and they are cost effective. These amazing benefits of electronic cigarettes are same as advertisers did in back days when real cigarettes were new in the market. In future with more research, people will see side effects by using E-Cigs. You may not see many people talking against E-Cigarettes right now, but in coming years these cigarettes will be as bad as real ones. If you want to quit cigarettes then use method that are less toxic towards your health. Under mention is a simple recipe that will help you get rid of your smoking habit.

Get rid of smoking using simple homemade recipe


  • Black pepper
  • Essential Oil – Eucalyptus
  • Lemon


Make a mixture by mixing equal part of these ingredients. You need to put this mixture under your nose, or you can dip a cotton ball in it and place near your nose and inhale. Make sure to inhale multiple times with full/deep breath. Follow this processes when you have an urge of smoke.