Did You Know Why You Wake Up Tired Even After Taking A Full Night’s Rest

Did You Know Why You Wake Up Tired Even After Taking A Full Night’s Rest

Most of the time you aren’t fresh, have you wonder why? Sometimes, even after 7- 8 hours of sleep we feel sluggish and tired.

Following may be main reasons behind it:

  1. Waking up in the incorrect cycle:Our sleep is broken into two cycles. If you are feeling tired after waking up, you might have woken up from deep sleep; also known as Non-REM cycle. Try to wake up at REM phase. At this phase your body is prepared to wake up.
  2. The quality of sleep might be poor:The sleep must be good in quality if you want to wake up refresh. You are definitely exhausted after bad quality sleep. The common reason behind the quality deprivation are sleeping with a pet, late night caffeinated drinks or a lot of noise in the neighboring.
  3. Hangover due to certain medication: Some medications may give a drowsiness effect as late as the next morning. Ask your doctor for an alternative medicine or if the dosage can be changed.
  4. Your health condition:Lower quality of sleep can be a result of sleep apnea. Or it may be due to depression, which contributes to sleepiness and it makes you feel as if your energy is drained out.
  5. Body clock needs a sync:You might want to keep a close look at your schedule. If you don’t have a proper sleeping pattern or schedule, your body will not be completely relaxed the next day. Try to make a schedule and you will surely notice difference in morning.