Cleanse Your Liver With Nettle and Dandelion

Cleanse Your Liver With Nettle and Dandelion

To detox your liver make a nettle, dandelion and burdock tea.

Nettle is one of the best herbal remedies for cleansing your liver. Another excellent plant is the burdock, which has a special place in Japan when it comes to liver health. It is cultivated as a garden plant, you can eat it on a daily basis, and it can prolong your life keeping it healthy.

Dandelion root is also an excellent herb for liver and blood cleansing. Like burdock, dandelion root are best harvested in early fall when it’s high in its healing bitter substances, taraxacum, inulin, some sugar, a dose of iron as well. In addition to tea, while detoxifying the liver it is necessary to consume foods that are rich in protein, therefore here is an ideal tea recipe and a nutrition plan that may suit you.

Liver Detox Tea


• a dandelion root

• a burdock root

• a nettle root


• Mix all plants in equal proportions, and take 2 tablespoons out of the mixture

• Add them in a liter of cold water.

• Brew the tea for 3 minutes at low temperature, then strain.

• Take small sips throughout the day, preferably before meals.

You can also clean the liver by consuming wormwood, but because of its bitterness and its composition you should take it in small doses. Add a little bit of the tea, just to fit the tip of the knife or more in a liter of water, but as for me I would not recommended, because I do not like the bitter taste at all. Although the bitter taste might turn some people away from it,but in-fact it can be very beneficial for the organism. Besides sweet, salty, sour and spicy tastes our body craves for bitter tastes as well.

It is recommended to cleanse your liver for ten days, and then take a break for a month. Afterwards, repeat the detoxifying procedure once again. These amazing plants will purify the blood and clean the liver from toxins. Additionally, they can cleanse the fatty liver, reduce fat and triglycerides levels in the blood, and they will strengthen the immune system as well.

Nutrition plan

You should consume low in fat proteins, such as meat, eggs, cheese, yoghurt and milk. Vegetables, fruits and fruit juices can be beneficial as well. Plus, you need plenty of rest in order for the liver to recover.

  • Breakfast: milk and toast
  • Breakfast: Steak without fat or fresh cheese
  • Lunch: vegetable soup and boiled beef or fish, boiled rice, stewed apples
  • Snack: fruit yogurt
  • Dinner: a bit of cooked meat, mashed potatoes or spinach, banana
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