Cancer in a Can: The Shocking True Story of how ‘Pringles’ are Made

Cancer in a Can: The Shocking True Story of how ‘Pringles’ are Made

In order to understand how the Pringles or any other chips are made, you should know that they aren’t made of any potatoes at all. It was admitted by the Pringles Company (with goal to dodge paying taxes) that their chips was consisted of very small amount of potatoes that practically it isn’t a potato chips.

What exactly is their content?

The process of making begins with paste of rice, potato, flakes, wheat and corn which are pressed into shape.

This substance looks like dough and it is shaped into an super-thin chips cookies by a machine.

According to io9:

“The chips goes forward on a conveyor belt where they’re pressed onto molds that makes the curves that are helping to fit into one another. The molds are processed through a boiling oil… and then are dried, sprinkled with powdered flavors, and eventually, putted on a slow moving conveyor belt made specially made for stacking them. After that, they are packed in the cans…and then on the market shelves.

I’m aware that everyone likes the taste of these chips. Anyway, one thing is for sure, it is one of the most dangerous and toxic foods that you can by-nevertheless they are produced from potato shavings or not.

Potato Chips are Full with Cancer-Causing Chemicals

One of the most harmful compounds in potato chips are not added purposely, yet they are result of the processing.

A cancer-causing and possibly neurotoxic chemical, Acrylamide is derived when foods that are rich with carbohydrate are cooked at high temperatures and it doesn’t matter if they are baked, fried, toasted or roasted. It can be usually found in potato chips and French fries or processed or cooked foods at temperatures over 212°F (100°C). There is a rule: the chemical is created while the food is heated and starts to produce a well dry and yellow/brown surface.

Thus, it can be included in:

Potatoes: French fries, chips and other different fried or baked potato foods.

Grains: Toast bread, crust, roasted breakfast grains, crisp bread and different processed snacks.

Coffee: ground coffee powder and baked coffee beans. Interestingly, alternatives for coffee based on chicory, in fact are including 2-3 times more acrylamide than the coffee.

How much Acrylamide are you consuming?

The upper and federal barrier for acrylamide in drinking water is 0.12 micrograms in an 8 ounce glass of water, or approximately 0.5 parts per 1 billion. Anyway, a six-ounce portion of French fries can include up to 60 micrograms of acrylamide, or around 500 times over the federal barrier.

The levels of this harmful and very dangerous chemical in potato chips are critically high. In fact, the levels are so high that the state of California in 2005 sued the potato chips companies for not warning their consumers about the negative health effects and risks of acrylamide which is included in their products. In 2008 the chips companies like Frito-Lay obligated to to decrease the acrylamide amounts in their chips to 275 parts per billion by 2011, which will be enough for dodging the cancer warning label.

The 2005 report “How Potato Chips Stack Up: Levels of Cancer-Causing Acrylamide in Popular Brands of Potato Chips,” published by the California-based environmental Law Foundation (ELF), alarmed about the risks of this widely used snack. Their examinations shown that all potato chips products subjected were passing over the safe limit of acrylamide by a minimum of 39 times, and a maximum of 910 times. Some of the biggest culprits at that time were:

  • Kettle Chips (honey Dijon): 495 times
  • Kettle Chips (lightly salted): 505 times
  • Cape Cod Robust Russet: 910 times the legal barrier of acrylamide

Caution: Baked chips may be even worse than fried!

Don’t lie yourself that you can dodge the health risks of the potato chips by substitute it with baked forms, which are considered as healthier. You should keep in mind that acrylamide can appear not only in fried and boiled foods, but also when they are baked as well. The U.S. Food and Drug Agency states that levels of acrylamide in baked chips can be up to 5 times more than the levels of acrylamide in fried chips. It is the same with the other foods too, which points that baked potatoes in high temperature are not the right choice for you and it is one of the worst ways to cook them. The FDA information have shown that the chips from Ore Ida Golden Fries are including 107 ppb of acrylamide in the original fried version and 1,098 in the baked version. You will need to keep in mind that every potato chips out there is including acrylamide, nevertheless they are fried or baked, natural or unnatural. Surely, they will all leave negative impact on your insulin levels.

Acrylamide is not the only danger

When the foods are exposed on very high temperatures, acrylamide is not the only harmful toxic chemical created.

During a three year long EU study named Heat-Generated Food Toxicants (HEATOX), was revealed that there are over 800 heat-arise ingredients, from which 52 are possible carcinogens. It was found that the acrylamide is a great danger for the human health, the experts also stated that there are lesser chances to consume serious levels of the toxin when you intake home prepared foods in comparison with the restaurant or industrially-made foods.

The HEATOX data always points that there are methods to reduce exposure to acrylamide, but it can never be removed completely.

The experts projected that with a successful implementation of all known methods until these days it would decrease the acrylamide consumption by 40% at the most-which makes us to ask ourselves if the chips companies did decrease the acrylamide amounts under the federal limits… You can’t find info or evidence that they completed the obligations from the 2005 agreement.

If you like to read more info about acrylamide, you can read the online report Heat-Generated Food Toxicants, Identification, Characterization and Risk Minimization. Anyway, you should know that preparing food at very high temperatures is not recommended at all. Several of the most toxins produced in high-temperature cooking include:

Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs): while the food is prepared on very high temperature (also when it is sterilized or pasteurized), the creation of AGEs in your food will be boosted. The AGEs will be absorbed in your body once you consume this food. AGEs accumulation in your body will cause inflammation, oxidative stress and bigger chance of heart ailments, kidney ailments and diabetes.

Heterocyclic Amines (HCAs): They are created when the meat is prepared at high temperatures, and they are often related with cancer. The blackened part of the meat is the most dangerous and worst part of meat. That’s why you should never consume the blackened parts of the meat and avoid over cooking your meet.

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs): While the fat strains into the heat source, making extra smoke, and while the smoke that surrounds the food it can transport cancer-causing PAHs to be generated in the meat.

The search for “healthy” chips continues…

The search for healthy chips can be compared with a search for the Holy Grail, while the companies that are producing chips are trying to find new ways to better the overall image of their snacks which are very dangerous for our health, but very profitable. In 2011 around a half of Pepsi’s Frito-Lay brand snacks were re-modulated with all natural compounds. This is a part of the huge Pepsi Co’s plan to get into the healthy foods market business. The Wall Street Journal showed that the company tries to increase their nutrition business income from $10 billion to $30 billion by 2020.

Some dietary hazards such as monosodium glutamate (MSG) will be eliminated by the company and should be substituted with natural spices, like paprika and molasses. The Beet juice, the purple cabbage and the carrots will substitute the unnatural colors. There are around 60 various snacks that will step up as all-natural.

This is an example how the consumer wishes can change the policy of the food companies in a positive way.

The re-modulated chips might be less bad than the regular formulations. As a matter of fact, the chips will never be completely health for you. The naturally made chips will be less unhealthy than the regular chips, but if you consume it often you will still push your health to the limits. It is well known that the modern ailments like heart disease, cancer, diabetes nd extra weight are related with bad diet, where the French fries and potato chips are one of the most dangerous foods for your health.

How to avoid heat-induced toxins in your diet

The best thing you can do is to intake unprocessed or raw foods if you intend to dodge the toxic byproducts. Consume raw food and you will have no worries at all. Our nutrition program recommends you to consume at least one-third of the foods raw.

You may like to take some time while starting with a less processed diet, but it will be of great help of you cut out the most obvious villains.

In this list will be listed potato chips and French fries, all types of sodas (the unnatural sweeteners can be more problematic than fructose) and Doughnuts.

Healthy eating just became easy

While cooking and processing your food, you are not only producing possibly toxic byproducts, but you also diminish the important micronutrients which is one more reason for eating raw unprocessed food. The eggs are included as a great source of proteins. Organic natural eggs are rich source of vital nutrients that many foods are deficient in. The milk is another food that is very useful in raw form. Once it is pasteurized, it loses its beneficial properties and even becomes harmful.

You will better your overall health by consuming some raw and organic home-grown vegetables and fruits, organic grass-fed meats, raw dairy, essential oils and seeds and nuts. You can find these foods easily and you can also prepare them quite easy.

For a gradually switching to a healthier diet program you should follow our nutrition plan which is simple and proved as effective.

Consuming the fresh organic foods is the key for better health and losing weight. Many people are believing or they want to believe that they cannot prepare a meal with only unprocessed, raw foods, which is pretty sad. Mark Scarbrough and Bruce Weinstein are fighting with this problem with their book Real Food Has Curves, which will be of great help if you want to learn about some tips and basics of cooking organic food.

When this will be your daily routine you will be able to make a healthy meal in short period of time, even faster than going in some fast-food restaurant and buy some unhealthy food. You will enjoy in your food and you will notice that this way of life is far cheaper because the foods from restaurants and processed foods are more expensive than the foods that you will prepare in your kitchen. You will soon notice that you will enjoy in this lifestyle both physically and emotionally.