Ancient Russian Recipe For Permanent Hair Removal

Ancient Russian Recipe For Permanent Hair Removal

Perhaps you didn’t know that there is an answer to the most common problem women have to deal with. This homemade Russian recipe for hair removal will guide you on how to gradually and permanently get rid of any unwanted hair from your body.

At first hair starts to recede gradually, and a few months later it completely disappears.

Every woman that has opted for waxing and shaving will know how painful and time-consuming these can be.

An additional aesthetic problem in woman is facial hair. This recipe is highly beneficial for both body and facial hair.

Read this simple old recipe below.


  • Several walnut shells (the hard, not the green part)
  • Water


Dry the walnut shells thoroughly and burn them into ashes. Pour some water over the ashes so that you get a creamy, paste-like mixture.

Leave it for 12 hours, then with a cotton ball soaked in it apply the mixture on the parts of your body you want to remove hair from.

Repeat the procedure 3 or more times a day until you see results. Keep in mind that this blend is most efficient if you apply it in the form of a coating and let it act for 30 minutes every day.

Wash it off well afterwards.

You will soon notice fewer hairs on the treated area.