After she lost 125 pounds, her boyfriend left. Why? Unreal!

After she lost 125 pounds, her boyfriend left. Why? Unreal!

A beautiful, athletic 28 year old  is Christine Carter from Dallas, Texas, USA. But that hasn’t always been the case: Christine weighed more than 270 pounds up till a few years ago and was extremely dissatisfied with her body. Forcing her to take a cocktail of medications her weight was causing her numerous health problems. And she could never fit into any of the clothes she wanted to wear.

Finally Christine decided she’d had enough: something had to change. So, she drastically changed the way she was eating and  started being more active.

But there was one person who wasn’t supportive of her new diet. To down carbs and gain the weight back kept encouraging  her then-boyfriend r. He didn’t want her to get so attractive that other men would take notice. He said he wanted her to believe that he was the only man in the world who would love her.

Because she loved him so much it was incredibly difficult, in order to fully realize her new health and make her own decisions Christine realized she had to part ways.

So, they broke up. She weighed just 150 after losing more than 110 pounds, but had lots of excess skin hanging from her body. She turned to plastic surgeon Dr. Jon Kurkjan who was able to remove most of it  because she didn’t like the way it looked.

Christine finally has a body she can feel comfortable in and proud of! But her journey isn’t over yet. To see her continued work to exercise and eat healthy you can follow her on Instagram. But one of her goals has already been reached, she can finally shop for the types of clothes she’s always wanted – the freedom to choose is oh so sweet.


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