5 Signs That May Mean You Have a Thyroid Problem

5 Signs That May Mean You Have a Thyroid Problem

Signs of a thyroid problem are not as obvious as we would like. Usually, one has to be very sensitive to rightly suspect that all may not be well with the thyroid gland, a large endocrinal gland locater in the neck under the thyroid cartilage. Because early detection is so important in treating any medical condition, we advise that you pay attention to the signs listed below just to be sure you don’t need to consult your doctor about a possible thyroid problem.


1.Does Your Cloth Feel Tighter Than Normal?

Decreasing hormones caused by thyroid problem can slow down metabolism making it difficult to burn calories. This often result is weight gain over time. Pay attention if nothing has changed in your lifestyle or eating habit, thyroid problem may be the reason you have that that unexplainable added weight.

2.Miscarriage or Infertility

If you have a family history of infertility or you had a miscarriage in the early stages of your pregnancy, then you should get screened for a possible thyroid problem.

3.Unexplainable Anxiety:

If you have never had problems with anxiety before and suddenly you start getting anxious all the time, then your thyroid may be getting hyperactive.

4.Sleep Pattern changes  

Some people suddenly develop problems with sleeping which they have never had before. This may be caused by changes in the thyroid condition

5.Growth Delays: Although your children may never complain but if you see that there growth has slowed down, or they get jumpy and unfocused in school, it may be as a result of low hormone levels.