5 Reasons Your Body Is Retaining Too Much Water (And How To Stop It)

5 Reasons Your Body Is Retaining Too Much Water (And How To Stop It)

Has your ring started to seem like too tight for your finger? Do you feel you have started putting on mass in the wrong places? Probably you feel that you have grown! If you are feeling so its time you took things seriously!

The thing with the human body is that things are often too complex to understand. You may never know what a slight change could mean – it could be pointing in the direction of something dangerous.


Swollen finger is something that could make many people concerned. There could be any number of reasons behind it. It will be best to see a doctor for it. Here are 5 reasons that could be causing that problem.

1.The Sun

Spending too much time out in the sun could affect your body in many ways. You can expect our fingers to get swollen due to the combined effect of the sun and the summer heat.

So how does this work? We all know that heat causes expansion. It affects our arteries and veins the same way. This causes the bodily fluids to move into the softer tissues, thus leading to inflammation.

According to Dr. Tammy Oslen Utset of the Chicago University, you shouldn’t worry about this kind of inflammation. It will vanish as you perform various activities with your hands. But you should consult a doctor if you notice the swelling localized to a specific finger or hand and is accompanied with pain.


This type of arthritis is especially identified by the inflammation of the fingers. Commonly the pain is focused around the knuckles. Osteoarthritis is commonly caused by the destruction of the synovial tissue located within the joints due to the process of aging.

3.Excess Consumption of Salt

Avoid overconsumption of foods full of salt. The body’s system work to maintain the perfect balance between water and salt. If there is excess salt, your body will try and store more and more water to maintain this balance. So if you are regularly consuming excess salty food it shouldn’t surprise you that your fingers are swollen.

4.Raynaud’s Disease

If you are suffering from this condition, it could lead to swelling of fingers and joints. This condition can narrow the arteries due to different reasons including stress and the environment. The limited flow of blood in the arteries results in the inflammation.

5.Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome may be the reason why you fingers are swollen. It could also affect your finger movements. The cause behind this problem is related to the nerves within your hands. Along with the inflammation and lack of movement, you may also feel extreme pain.

How to Treat Finger Inflammation

Use the following remedies to treat inflammation in your fingers:

Give Rest to your Hands

Taking rest can help relieve you of the pain and the inflammation. Sometimes stress is the reason behind the swelling. Relaxing can help offer many health benefits in addition to reducing the swelling.

Keeping your Hand Elevated

Lifting your hand and keeping it elevated for long time can help in improving blood circulation. Improved circulation can prove to be of great help in reducing inflammation.


Exercising also helps in improving blood circulation in the area. It can also remove the fluids from the tissue.

Apply Ice

Ice is a highly effective treatment for inflammation. It could also help in reducing the pain.

Use this guide to evaluate the cause behind your swollen fingers and how to treat them. The remedies can offer several other health benefits too.